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I know I’m late to the party

but when I first heard the name Frank Ocean, I pictured a Frank Sinatra impersonator/performer on a cruise ship.  Instead I get a few more tracks to add to my bedroom playlist .. mp3: So many pages I wrote, wish … Continue reading

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Ass or Crotch ??

Before I begin, get your minds outta the gutter. This YouTube clip encapsulates two topics I’d like to cover with today’s post: awkward eye contact and ass/crotch etiquette. First of all, eye contact on the subway is widely discouraged.  Once … Continue reading

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Forgiv-a-ness, Please!

Sorry, faithful follower(s?), I’ve been sucked into Twitter, recently (follow me!). Plus I got some rather exciting news just recently, and have yet to recover  from that. New post guaranteed tomorrow. 3:1 odds  for 2 new posts tomorrow. 100:1 odds … Continue reading

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My financial situation

They say that: If you live in New York City, every time you walk out the door, you spend $20. The problem is when you’re budget only allows for $20/week.

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@zenONAsubway I finally surrendered and raised the white flag to the Twitter Kingdom.

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mood music

MP3: The Weeknd – House of I’ve been giving The Weeknd serious rotation for a week now, and I can sum it up no better than a friend of mine’s tweet-like review: “That shit was tight Got me thinking … Continue reading

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lazy sunday thoughts: Rats, Paris and Cooking

Leave it to Pixar to make me re-position my views on rats and the French. New back-up plan: Move to Paris, become a chef, fall in love with rebel, biker chick. Relevant: Rats, New York and Graffiti and ratONAsubway

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