UPDATE to all my loyal readers…

Sorry, everybody!

Lately, my life has been as unpredictable and hectic as the ACE trains during rush hour (5..4..3..2..1..)

But, I haven’t forgotten about you all. To whomever it is that keeps coming back, thank you, thank you.  My professional life is reaching critical mass, which in turn has created repercussions with my social life; creating this perfect storm that has ravaged my calendar.

On top of that, I am planning a re-location to a much more favorable environment in the next 30 days, so my life is fragilely held together with duct tape and good vibrations.  So, I’ve only reached the edge of the (#dark) jungle that will be my life for the immediate future.

Never fear, though!  I’m able to squeeze out nuggets of Zen (hello, mental image), through @zenONAsubway, whenever I have 30 seconds of free time and 3G service.  I know, I know. I know, what y’all you are thinking, “It’s not enough! We want more meditations!!*” I promise once I get my shit straight, I’ll be back to pumping out incoherent babble in no time.  To quote a wise elder:

I don’t prophesize, I promise you.

*What? It’s plausible.


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Streets ahead.
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