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UPDATE to all my loyal readers…

Sorry, everybody! Lately, my life has been as unpredictable and hectic as the ACE trains during rush hour (5..4..3..2..1..) But, I haven’t forgotten about you all. To whomever it is that keeps coming back, thank you, thank you.  My professional life … Continue reading

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Ass or Crotch ??

Before I begin, get your minds outta the gutter. This YouTube clip encapsulates two topics I’d like to cover with today’s post: awkward eye contact and ass/crotch etiquette. First of all, eye contact on the subway is widely discouraged.  Once … Continue reading

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Shit List Item #32: Weather

From sunshine to frozen. The poor guy never had a chance… *tear* WTF, weather? You used to be cool. You’ve changed, man.. I thought yesterday was the first day of Spring?

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The only New Year’s resolution I have ever fulfilled is the one I made for 2010: picking up yoga. Due to a decade of competitive basketball, breakneck skateboarding and general clumsiness, my body has experienced sprains, dislocations, separations, pops, locks and fractures … Continue reading

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Recently, a friend of mine gave me great advice.  I know it was great advice because it confirmed exactly what I believed I had to do to solve the predicament I found myself in.  It wasn’t some huge revelation or … Continue reading

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Bitch, It’s Winter

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